Null Point is an initiative for new concert music and sound art in Buffalo, NY. Null Point’s events re-imagine musical and sonic presentation formats, focusing on works by emerging artists that are neglected by normative arts institutions. Past projects have included new site-specific sound works written for presentation in vacant historic industrial sites, thematically-curated concerts focusing on limit situations of performance and audition, and participatory workshop-concerts in working-class neighborhoods. A null point is a location where vector fields (e.g. magnetic fields) have zero strength, where fields cancel each other out.

Null Point has presented world and continental premieres of works by Alejandro Acierto, Abby Aresty, James Currie, David DunnTim Feeney, Jez riley French, Sarah Hennies, Eva-Maria Houben, Ben Isaacs, Evan Johnson, Christian Kesten, Dmitri Kourliandski, Joseph Kudirka, Christof Migone, David Pocknee, Matt Sargent, James SaundersAndrea Steves, and Shannon Werle, among others, performed by Buffalo-based performers as well as guest soloists Alejandro Acierto, Brandon Bell, Tim Feeney, Sarah Hennies, Krista Martynes, and Philip Thomas and guest ensembles Gyre and Patchwork. The initiative’s projects have been funded by New Music USA, the arts councils of New York, Western New York, and Toronto, and universities across the US and Canada, and have been presented in venues ranging from respected arts venues (ArtparkConstellation Chicago, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center) to rustbelt industrial ruins (Silo City, Buffalo Gear and Axle Plant) and community spaces (WASH Project, Cincinnati Public Library).


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