Null Point is a musical research group founded in 2014 and based on occupied Haudenosaunee territories (so-called Buffalo, NY). The group aims to excavate and interrogate Western Art Music’s historically influential and often under-acknowledged defaults by bringing musical practice into dialogue with critical frameworks developed in contemporary art and cultural studies. Working within, against, and otherwise to Western Art Music’s division of labor between disinterested spectatorship, transparent notation, and accurate performance, Null Point investigates new approaches to concert presentation as well as event formats such as installation, workshop, participatory, and location-based music. Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, Null Point has begun to produce online events with similar critical attention to platform-centered internet’s normative procedures.

An artist-run organization, Null Point researches new approaches to composition/notation, performance, listening, curation in an integrated fashion, with members moving flexibly between these roles. In addition to performing their own compositions, the group also presents work by emerging artists as well as under-explored experimental music written in the 1960s and 70s. By design, Null Point presents events in a range of institutional settings, from museums and research universities to parks and community centers.

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