Null Point is an initiative for interdisciplinary arts in Buffalo, NY founded in 2014. A flexible collective of artists working at junctures between music, performance, media art, and radical pedagogy, Null Point focuses on context-sensitive, embodied, participatory, and extended-duration work by institutionally and socially marginalized artists.

Null Point’s events emphasize new work by emerging artists as well as neglected radical works of the past. The initiative has supported premiere realizations of place-situated sound works in vacant grain silos and other outdoor sites, including work by Alejandro Acierto, Abby Aresty, Tim Feeney, Arrow Fitzgibbon, Jez riley French, Ethan Hayden, Sarah Hennies, Christian Kesten, Christof Migone, Lena Nietfeld, Matt Sargent, James Saunders, Andrea Steves, and Colin Tucker. In the realm of mid-20th century experimental music, Null Point has aimed to construct performance and curatorial contexts for radical intermedia work where none exist. In 2017 Null Point gave the belated world premiere of David Dunn’s 1975 day-long outdoor piece PLACE, which was performed around North America and was the subject of a guest-edited special issue of the journal Sound American. In 2018 the initiative has begun a long-term focus on the work of Yoko Ono.

Synthesizing the possibilities of the contemporary music ensemble and the post-studio art curatorial project, Null Point combines the former’s intensive focus on performance practice with the latter’s attention to place- and community-situated curatorial practice. In this way, Null Point curates events by fostering synergies between work and context, creating ideal circumstances for a particular work and, conversely, programming works that intervene optimally in particular circumstances. Performance and curatorial practice are built from the ground up for each work and context; as a result, the initiative often keeps works in its repertoire for years (for instance, work by Eva-Maria Houben, Mieko Shiomi, and Mark So) and sustains long-term institutional partnerships (Artpark, Silo City, and WASH Project).

Null Point cultivates partnerships with a wide range of institutions, from local to international: with arts institutions (Canadian Music Center, Fridman Gallery, Memorial Art Gallery-University of Rochester), community organizations (Old First Ward Community Association, Cincinnati Public Library), universities (Dartmouth College, Eastman School of Music, Princeton University), and architectural repurposing projects (Silo City, Echo Art Fair at Buffalo Gear and Axle Plant).  Event contexts include historic rustbelt industrial sites, parks, laundromats, former toxic waste sites, streets, rivers, and libraries, in addition to more conventional art spaces.


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