null point 1

Null Point 1. Too Little/Too Much

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, April 29, 2014, 8 p.m.


G. Douglas BarrettTwo Voices for two sound sources (2008)

James CurrieFirst Study on Nothing (2014) (wp)

Ben Isaacs, I want to tell a story that cancels itself as it goes I replied for cello (2011) (wp)

Gerhard Rühm, sound poetry:

  • sehr (very) (ca. 1960)
  • so lange wie möoglich (1962)
  • [ssssssssst] (1968)
  • the shortest route from constanz to constantinople (1979)
  • Verkürzte zeitspanne (1958)

Charlie Sdrauligfew for voice (2013) (wp)

Colin Tuckerdistances swarming and encompassing for electric guitar (2011/2014) (wp)

B. A. Zimmermann, Sonata for Solo Cello (1960)


James Currie, performance

Ethan Hayden, voice/sound poetry

Zane Merritt, guitar

TJ Borden, cello

Colin Tucker, cello (for Barrett)


wp=world premiere

nap=North American premiere


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