Null Point at Syndicate for the New Arts

Margins: sound works for architecture, bodies, ambient sounds, and reimagined instruments

February 9, 2018

Syndicate for the New Arts

St. John’s Church, Ohio City, Cleveland, OH


$10 suggested donation

Q&A with the artists afterwards


Ethan Hayden, Violetear (2017) for solo oboe

Yoko Ono, Pieces for Orchestra (1962)

Mark So, Part of the Moving Wall (Ashbery series) (2010) for bodies and architectural surfaces

Colin Tucker, [new work(2018) for solo cellist with live ambient sounds (WORLD PREMIERE)



Ethan Hayden: trombone, architecture, composition

Megan Kyle: oboe, architecture

Colin Tucker: cello, architecture, curation, composition



Scent free

Separate space for people to take a break and relax

Venue is not yet wheelchair accessible (work towards this is in progress)