Sound Garden

Site-responsive sound at Artpark


July 15, 2018, 1-3pm: Creative Sound-making with Found Environmental Materials. Premiere of new work for amplified ground and environmental sound by Arrow Fitzgibbon

July 22, 2018, 1-3pm: Soundscape meets Landscape meets Body. Premiere of new work for soundmakers of any background imitating ambient sound with found environmental materials and bodies by Lena Nietfeld

July 29, 2018, 1-3pm: Listening to the Everyday, a Tribute to Pauline OliverosFeaturing a soundwalk exploring Artpark’s soundscape and Deep Listening Pieces and other works by Pauline Oliveros

August 12, 2018, 1-3pm: Creative Sound-making with Microphones and Ambient Sound. Premiere of new work for microphones, laptop, and speakers by Ethan Hayden

August 19: Program Finale

1-3pm:  Creative Sound-making with Found Environmental Materials and Instruments. Premiere of new work for untrained and trained soundmakers with electric guitar, found environmental materials, and speakers by Colin Tucker

4pm (part of Music in the Woods): Large ensemble performance of PLACE, part 10, for instruments and found environmental materials by David Dunn, preceded by a short talk celebrating the release of Null Point’s guest edited issue of Sound American on the music of David Dunn



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