Decay/Reverberate: Site-Specific Sound at Silo City


This event featured new site-specific sound works created specifically for presentation at Silo City, a complex of vacant historic grain elevators on the Buffalo River in Buffalo, NY. Works presented on this event took the site’s social, historical, ecological, and acoustic attributes as points of departure.

The event took place on June 11-14, 2015, and was curated by Colin Tucker of Null Point, hosted by Jim Watkins and Rick Smith of Silo City, and supported by the Center for 21st Century Music (University at Buffal0), with additional support from Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, University at Buffalo Music Department, and University at Buffalo Percussion.

Event program is available here.

Documentation of selected works:

Alejandro Acierto, fill a void installation for inflatable bag and speakers


Tim Feeney, Resonant Spaces–Silo City–June 2015 installation for three snare drums with transducers in acoustically distinct locations (see also photos and information here)


Sarah Hennies, Embedded Environments for four percussionists in the Marine A grain elevator (excerpt), performed by Sarah Hennies, Tim Feeney, and Crossfire Percussion (Bob Fullex and Jason Bauers)


Christof Migone, Record Release (7-inch) (Silo City), performance-installation for records, vinyl pellets, contact microphones, and resonating speakers (photos)


Lena Nietfeld, some workers it casts into barbarous types of labor, and others it turns into machines for objects in the Marine A Grain Elevator, performed by Daniel Bassin, Zane Merritt, Bob Fullex, Zack Steinberg, and Jamie Sunshine


Matt Sargent, Tide (10+1 Basses), for bass and electronics, performed by Zachary Rowden



Andrea Steves, Ritual for Grain Silo for bass clarinet, singing bowls, and transducers




Shannon Werle, Filter Index for balloons in the interior of the Marine A grain elevator

Selected Press:

Null Point: Singing Silos, Decay/Reverberate, Edge of the Center

Silo City hosts a weekend of experimental sound art, WBFO-FM


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