PLACE at Artpark

PLACE by David Dunn, performed by Null Point, July 16, 2017, at Artpark

Project information

Performance Documentation:

Part 1

From the score: “Utilize a single microphone to record the ambient sounds of the environment. Walk slowly from a central point in space, while holding the microphone, moving outward in enlarging circle motions away from the central point so as to be moving in a spiral configuration…”



Part 2

“Any number of performers are to move about within a determined space. Maintain the maximum possible distance from all other performers while attempting to continually move toward the loudest sound in your vicinity…Produce sounds through use of voice and body movement which are indistinguishable from the sounds you are listening to.”


Part 3

“Record the environment for an extended period of time. Playback this recording through a single loudspeaker. Walk slowly while carrying the loudspeaker around a single omnidirectional microphone recording the playback sounding in the environment…”



Part 4

“Three or more performers are to utilize portable cassette recorders capable of playing back recorded sounds through an internal loudspeaker. Each performer is to record ambient sounds anywhere within the environmental space for any duration of time. Upon completion of recording, all performers are to move to an agreed upon central location where playback is to occur…”



Part 5

“Place two microphones separated as far as possible within visual range of each other in an open space. Utilize the signal from microphone one as the carrier input to a ring modulator and the signal from microphone two as the program input…”



Part 6

“A 10K Hz squarewave and amplified white noise are to be played separately through two loudspeakers. Two performers are to each hold one of the loudspeakers while slowly walking through the environment.”




Part 7

“A solo vocalist is to sustain pitches in response to pitches heard in the environment. An attempt should be made to trigger resonances in the environment and reinforce these through the selection of pitches…”



Part 8

“A group of vocalists are to produce loud non-verbal vocal sounds attempting to trigger resonances in the environment. All vocalists are to be spatially separated over a large distance within audible range of each other. Each performer may initiate a sound of their own at any time with the other vocalists responding immediately with a similar sound or responding to the resonance which the sound may create…”




Part 9

“Any combination of instrumentalists are to produce sustained sounds in imitation of realtime events…”




Part 10

“Any combination of instrumentalists are to perform a variety of physical actions in reference to the environment which result in modification of their instrumental sound…”


rehearsal footage (video)


Documentation credits:

Audio and video recorded by Evan Courtin, Jesse Miller, and Tanis Winslow

Photos by Megan Mette and Tanis Winslow

Audio and video editing by Ethan Hayden and Colin Tucker