“I am truly grateful to all of the organizers and performers who are responsible for making [the world premiere performance of my day-long outdoor piece PLACE] possible. They have brought an enthusiasm and sense of purpose to the task that exceeds anything I could have imagined when I originally wrote the piece.”

-David Dunn, Sound American


“Voice-off (2008) by Dmitri Kourliandski …Guest vocalist Ethan Hayden…performed this challenging oddity to open the concert’s second half, and his triumph was in completing Kourliandski’s relentless oral assault — a fusillade of wet, percussive slaps, grunts, clicks, pops and sustained notes produced with tongue, cheeks, lips, teeth, throat and what had to be peerless breath control.

Voice-off — the only piece not having its U.S. premiere — lasted more than 10 minutes, with few pauses, and some sections in which Hayden, remarkably, produced lengthy notes and percolating noises simultaneously. More than hip-hop’s “beat-boxing” turntable simulations, or rock singer Mike Patton’s experimental 1996 album, Adult Themes for Voice (for John Zorn’s Tzadik label), Voice-off was an undeniable feat of endurance, technical virtuosity, and compositional imagination….”

-Sean Piccoli, New York Classical Review


“The vocalist Ethan Hayden gave a tour de force performance of Dmitri Kourliandski’s “Voice-Off,” a bizarre piece involving nasal grunts, gurgling sounds and other effects. It was amazing to hear, but very silly.”

-Anthony Tommasini, New York Times


“I had heard rumors of Dunn’s seven-hour environmental piece, PLACE, around this period, and much of my free time was spent trying to find apocrypha, writings, or a recording of the work; the holy grail. Since PLACE had never been performed, my hope of finding documentation was ephemeral, and my quest was eventually forgotten as living life in New York continued its hegemony over all things cerebral or artistic.

However, there are those, like Colin Tucker, Ethan Hayden, and their Buffalo-based Null Point collective for experimental music, that aren’t as easily swayed. Luckily for us all, they not only sought more information on PLACE, but had took it upon themselves to create two realizations of the work, at Silo City and Artpark spaces, both in the Buffalo area.”

-Nate Wooley, Sound American